Free Relaxation Station

Thai Yoga Body Therapy

Offered by H. Serenity

10 AM to 1 PM

This unique form of guided stretching and massage helps to ease tense muscles, improve flexibility and athletic performance, increase circulation, and help clients achieve mental clarity and feel rejuvenated.

Reflexology and Healing Touch Therapy

Offered by Incite Wellness Center

Reflexology is the gentle manipulation of the reflex areas in both feet thereby helping to clear the body’s energy flow. Healing Touch is a heart-centered, non-invasive, energy-based approach to health and healing.

Chair Massage

Offered by The Positive Spirit LLC

Rest for a moment with a relaxing chair massage that features traditional Swedish massage techniques infused with energy work. A short session of Reiki can also help to bring you balance and clarity and aid in reducing the stresses of everyday life.

Services are offered at no charge. Donations or tips may be accepted; varies by vendor.

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